Ride to Tosh pt1

There was no destination or plans when i boarded the Samparkranti train from Kerala to Chandigarh on a fine evening. I was bored at home, and wanted to travel. I never cared for booking tickets and traveling reserved. So i came to the railway station and took an unreserved ticket to Chandigarh. I was lucky to find a seat in the busy Compartment. There i sat for more than 55 hours before i reached the last stop. Monsoon was yet to begin and the journey was tiresome. Too hot inside the metal Comparment.

I called my friend Athul, if he could join me, and he was free to join. So i told him to meet me in Manali the next morning, and took an overnight bus from Chandigarh to Manali. It takes about 10 hours in bus. As soon as i had a tea outside the Manali bus station, Athul arrived. He had booked a bike for 2 days before he left his college last night. We will get the bike around 9am, 3 more hours to go.

Joghini falls was near the Manali town. And its around 6kms distance, which was walkable, we thought. Without wasting much time, we sipped the tea and headed for the falls. The famous Vashisht temple, believed to be established by Vashishta Muni, the guru of Rama is on the way about 2kms from Manali. The temple has a hot spring close to it. You can find people washing cloths in that hot spring, not a good idea to bath in it. Lot of devotees do this act of purification in the hot spring. There are few women with Angor rabbits, tourists can pay INR 20 and take a photo holding the rabbit.

The architecture and wooden carvings on the temple amused me. I took few photos and moved on. Now we had to walk through a pine forest and hike steep rocks to get to the falls. We were tired, but it was worth. There are few cafes on the way and a temple below the falls.

One can witness the snowcaped mountains opposite to the falls, from the mountain top, and there are few rocks on the way up, from which you can take wonderful photos.

There are two trails to get to the waterfall from the temple below. One is along the right side and the other on the left side, crossing the stream. We took the later, crossing the stream, the trail was difficult, very few takes this path. We managed to get close to the waterfall, and for out astonishment, we found a cave on the way. It was something unexpected. The rock cave is small in size, few guys can stand inside. The trail goes through the cave. One have to crawl through the small opening to get to the other side.

There was a group of school children hiking up the other trail. So we headed fast to the waterfall to capture some undisturbed pics. We were the first visitors on that day. We didn’t stay long. On our way back, 2 dogs joined us. They were playing, running through the pine forest. It was 10am and we didn’t realize, it was already 1 hour late to collect the bike. So we rushed back to Manali town.