Hampi & the Hippie Island

I could sense the vibe the moment i entered this secluded island like place with Tungabadhra river on one side, Virupapura Gadde or better known as the Hippie Island of Hampi. There are no monuments or structures in this place, but most of the foreigners who visit Hampi, stays here. This place is having a hippie vibe, with many shacks and cheap lodges for backpackers, with live music and entertainments.

Surrounded by happy souls in the shacks with music playing in the background, i was in heaven...

It was getting dark and we had to find a place to stay. We checked each and every place only to settle at The Bobby’s at the farthest end of the island. The Bobby’s, written in rainbow colours is the last shack in this island with options of small individual huts, and few tents. It also have a dining area where we could sit and enjoy the food, sleep and play games. The hut looked fine with mud walls and thatched roof, so we took one. It was of very minimal facilities, just a bed, a fan and a mirror. Common washroom was outside.

I was exhausted and took a shower and went to the dining area, sat there enjoying some music that was playing. There was a group of 5 from France sitting next to us, smoking up. After dinner, we too rolled a joint and smoked. It felt so warm after the tiring joinery sitting in this cozy place stomach filled, listening to music and smoking up. There were a bunch of 15 people staying that night. I hit the bed before long.

There was no motivation to get up early the next morning, so i slept till 11am, stretched my body and had brunch. The french group was there at dining after a morning hike to the sunrise point nearby. Yesterday we only exchanged smiles, and today we started to talk only to end smoked up. Now there are few Germans too. All of them met in Goa and then decided to travel to Hampi together.

Paulo was much younger and traveled alone from France. Virupapura gadde is famous for bouldering. He was about to try bouldering the next day. We had no idea about bouldering, so we decided to join him the next day to watch it. The next morning we went to a bouldering point nearby with him. Everyone there was using bouldering shoes and chalk powder and we didnt have any. After standing there and watching it for over an hour or so, we went crazy. We started to climb small rocks, pretty confident, we started bouldering with our bare hands and sneakers. It was fun though. By noon we were tired and returned to our shack, had lunch and relaxed for an hour or so. Paulo was very enthusiastic about learning things. That afternoon he came up with slack line. we tied the line between trees outside our hut and practiced.

We were immersed in music and time passed by…

I was exhausted by evening, but was happy inside. I learned the basics of bouldering and slack line and became much confident to try it again. Thanks to Paulo who dragged me into this. The few days I spend there was very fruitful. The next morning i hiked to the sunrise point and did some bouldering. After having breakfast relaxed for some time. It was then that a guy came with this long wooden wind instrument Didgeridoo. We were smoking up so passed him the joint. Didgeridoo is made from hollow wood, which serves as a resonance column when wind is blown through one end. It was developed by Australians a thousand years ago. We were immersed in the music when he started playing his Didgeridoo.

We did few more joints, had lunch and went to the sunset point in the evening. We had a light dinner from a restaurant and came back to our shack. Someone came with a guitar and Paulo had a mouth harp. We had a live music session with all these instruments playing.

We were immersed in music and time passed by, we even had a small debate on the purpose of life. That was one wonderful day well spent.