I reached Kannur around 8 in the Sunday morning. Nijil came to pick me up, we walked to the bus stand. We had a cup of tea and waited for the bus that will take us to Iritty town. The tea at the bus stand reminded me how shitty the chai in the train was. We boarded the bus to Iritty. It took us around an hour to reach the town, we were to get an auto rickshaw from there to reach his place.

As I stepped out of the bus, I saw the giant red ants. Childhood memories came rushing in. We have the very same ant at home, they give terribly painful stings. We call them Tera kakcheng in my language ( kakcheng: ant). We moved to the place we now live( Moirang) from a place called Tera. People often regard our family as Tera Emung (the family from Tera). Stupid me used to believe that the ants were named after our family. Nijil bought a pack of milk and we headed for his home. I was badly in need of a shower. Once I reached his place, I took a nice long shower and had breakfast. I still have the wooziness from the tedious train journey.

I rested till lunch. Two of his friends came joined us. We had lunch and headed out to a nearby waterfall. I saw pepper plant for the first time in my life. We trekked for a few mins and reached the waterfall. The sidewalks were filled with this beautiful yellow flowering shrubs. We used to play pretend that the yellow flowers were sunflowers when we were kids. It was a small waterfall, we all jumped in as soon as we reached. We played with the water for a while, dried ourselves off and then headed for Palakkayamthattu, in Kannur District, a view point. It was cloudy and we getting a bit late. We rushed up to the peak fearing we would miss the sunset. It was a bit crowded, but I swear the sunsets are to die for. The cool breeze, the swaying waist length tall grasses, the setting sun, the kites flying, they all merge into this delightful feeling. A feeling I have been so away from, makes me feel like meeting a long lost friend.

We had coffee, egg puffs watched the sun set and then finally headed back. On our way back we stoped to have a local sweet. It is made of black sesame and jaggery. We have a similar snack at home. There is this particular day once a year my grandma would make me eat that, eating that will prevent us from turning into dogs, thats the belief. A bite out of it, and it tasted of home. We reached Nijil’s place quite late, had dinner, and we were set for the day.

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