The next day, we planned to go to the Muzhappilangadu drive-in-beach. I was told that there are only 9 such beaches in the whole world. It is the only one in all of Southeast Asia. I was quite pumped to check the place out. Nijil showed me around the house, his mother’s kitchen garden, the medicinal plants growing there. His mother joined us, she was the sweetest. She ran around to show me everything. Did I forget to mention that she cooks ridiculously delicious food. There you go, she does. She cooks the tastiest food and brews the most delicious tea.

We sat there, listened to music and let the beauty sink in

There was this bee box, it was a tiny non stinging bee. I was informed that the honey collected out of it is medicinal and costly. I got to try it later with fermented gooseberries, it was heavenly. We found a ripe guava on the tree, plucked it and ate it. So long I haven’t eaten fruit that fresh. We then had breakfast and set out for the day.

We first visited Tellicherry Fort. The fort is constructed of laterite blocks. It was my first time seeing laterite. The fort is not that big of a fort, but bears its charm in a way. It overviews a rocky cliff. We then drove to the drive-in-beach. The beach live upto the hype. I am not a beach person. I hated the sand, but this place is different. The sand here is solid as rocks. Forget feet, the car wheels doesn’t sink in the sand. People can drive all around it. It was very isolated except for some school kids showing off their riding skills. The waves can turn quite violent it seems, that was the reason behind lesser tourist there. We sat there, listened to music and let the beauty sink in. I even tried getting into the water, get my feet wet. That’s the most a beach have excited me. We then walk for a while and headed off to our next destination.

It has a quite eerie aura to it, the horror movie vibe

We visited St. Angelo’s Fort next. This one is much bigger than the one we visited earlier. The Fort was first built by the Dutch, later captured by the Portuguese and finally by the British. There I saw canons. Some big, some small. I am witnessing history, I felt and touched the instruments that might have been used to kill hundreds in olden times. I felt mighty and proud. I also came to know that thousands of canon balls were discovered from this place. I got to see them too. Tiny balls of death. The fort is very well maintained, made me feel wanting to move in there. The side facing the sea has a marvellous view. The stretching crescent moon shaped beach, what could one ask more than a view like that. I also happened to see the staple and the prisons. It has a quite eerie aura to it, the horror movie vibe. But whatever, the symmetry was perfect for an Instagram post. I took a picture, or ten. There was also a light house in the fort. Its small and not quite in the shape. The other side faces the fishing harbour.

A bit tipsy, a bit exhausted, a lot of happiness we headed back

I saw a red headed eagle for the first time. It is believed to bring good luck, I am in Kerala. I have already struck good luck. We hurried back to see the sunset from a lighthouse nearby. Damned be that red headed eagle, the lighthouse was closed. We went to a park in front of the lighthouse instead.

We sat there to see the sun set. Nijil suddenly asked if I would like some beers. I live by a single moto, “never say no to beer”. We went to a pub nearby, ordered few beers. The beers came with complimentary peanuts. We also got ourselves egg burji and roti. Now, it suddenly strike me. The red headed eagle. We chugged the beers like fools and then headed off to a beach nearby. Beaches in the night is quite fine. The moonlight, the soothing waves, Bollywood has spoiled me. It was there that I learned China is building an artificial moon. Thank you Jeril for the information. I never got time to thank you. psst! And for the cigarettes too. A bit tipsy, a bit exhausted, a lot of happiness we headed back.

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