The next day, I woke up to find that my skin got severe sunburned and the burning sensation was quite strong. I learned my lesson, never to forget my sunscreen. We sat out after breakfast on bike. This would be my last day at Nijil’s home. So we planned to visit places around his hometown, Iritty.

Resembles the scenes from movies where the aliens abducts human

The first place we went was an underground natural cave. It was an unexplored place, know as Kunjiparambe Caves. Very few people visits this cave I have never been inside a cave. It was quite an experience for me. It was dark inside there except for a small opening, where light seeps in. Resembles the scenes from movies where the aliens abducts human. We walked a little inside, and it was pitch black, filled with bats. I was told that we can still get more inside. This natural cave is formed from rainwater running below the ground level in-between rocks. There is a tiny opening that a person can manage to squeeze himself in and then the cave widens again. I wasn’t brave enough to try that. We managed to click a few pictures there, and left for the next destination. The next we visited was a waterfall known as Alagapuri waterfalls, close to the cave, in Kanjirakolli. On our way to the waterfall I saw lots of lemongrass growing. My family loves lemongrass tea. I collected a few leaves for myself.

The water was cold, an elixir to my sunburned skin

The waterfall was bigger than the one we visited earlier. I jumped in as soon as I reached there. The water was cold, an elixir to my sunburned skin. I soaked myself in the water for quite long, dried myself off and went to a viewpoint next. From there we saw the picturesque panoramic view of the exotic western ghat. I wished I had more time to sit there and watch the view. But we have to hurry back as we are to catch a bus to Munnar. We reached Nijil’s place. I took a quick shower, had lunch, and headed for the bus stand. We luckily got a bus that leads us direct to Munnar.

Day 5, we reached the homestay Nijil and his friends are renovating at Idukki in the morning. We decided to spent the day there and go to Alappuzha the next morning. It was a cozy place. There is a small waterfall next to the homestay. We smoked up a joint by the waterfall (i was home) and trekked a little uphill to reach an opening to a cave. We saw marks dug out by wild boars, passed through thorns and leeches to reach there. I was told that porcupines live in the cave, though I didn’t get the chance to see one. We stay the whole day in the homestay. It got quite chilly once the sun set, we started a bonfire, sat around and talked for a while. We hit the bed early that day as we were to catch a bus early the next morning.

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