What to Expect While Traveling in India?

India is one of the most religiously, and ethnically diverse nations in the world, with some of the most deeply religious societies and cultures. If you are planning your travel in this country, expect to the things below:


Beggars are everywhere in India. You can easily find them on the streets. And on trains as well. They can be anyone: men, women, handicapped, children, older people or transgenders…

Homeless people

Those people are the same as beggars. The only difference was that they don’t approach you. In some areas of the cities, they can take over the whole pavements.

Stray dogs + other animals

Majority of Indian population do not eat meat, let alone dogs. They roam the whole country, from the countryside to the beach to the mountainous areas to the big cities. However, as I experienced, stray dogs are quite friendly because they depend mostly on human for food.

One sleeping stray dog

You will see a lot of monkeys, crows, pigeons, etc … as well

(Sacred) cows

In Hinduism, cows are thought to be sacred, or deeply respected. They are held in high esteem and Hindus, especially in Nepal, worship cows during Tihar. The reason has to do with cows’ agricultural uses and gentle nature. Therefore, they are allowed to roam freely on the streets.


Auto-rickshaw is a very cheap and affordable answer to the transport system, and is used widely on the road. Expect to bargain with the drivers if you want to save some money.


Some people may ask “Isn’t this normal to see men on the streets?” – Yes, it is normal, but in India, the number of men you see will outrun the number of women. Indian community isn’t safe enough for women to join the crowds yet.

People who wants to take a photo with you

Especially when you are traveling in rural areas. If you agree to take a photo with someone, more people will also want one with you. So don’t be afraid of being rude to say no if you don’t want to be the center of attention.

Spitting people

This is craaaazy. People, especially men, spit like hundreds of times a day. The last time I traveled by bus, from Mumbai to Udaipur, I sat right behind the driver, and the number of times I counted was nearly 1000 spits in the night. That was a nightmare to sit behind him.

Spicy food

Indian people are famous for eating spicy. If you come to a restaurant and order something you haven’t tried before, the high chance is that it’s gonna be spicy. Once I buy a cucumber on the street, they cut it with the knife full of chilly powder.

And trash

This is not something the country should be proud of. There is way to much of it, everywhere. Expect to see the roads covered in smelly trash, even in the residential areas.

The Road full of Trash in Udaipur

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