Things I brought along in a 2-month trip to India

Happiness is preparing for a getaway. I have come back from my 2-month getaway trip to India, safe and sound. It was from mid Feb to mid April, the switch from spring to summer. And today according to my real experience, this is the list of things I brought along and you should too when traveling in this diverse country.

Super important

  • Money: of course you must think of this already  I exchanged some amount beforehand and used my credit to withdraw money in India. You should always have changes in your wallet, to avoid buggers. Once, I had to pay Rs 100 for an Ola bike instead of the billing of only Rs 30, because I didn’t have the change and neither the driver (or so he said … )
  • Important documents (Visa, Passport, Driver’s License, National ID Card, …): Those papers are the things you have to keep with you all the time. Put the money and the papers in a small backpack, which you can wear to go outside for a sightseeing.
  • Laptop: This is not necessary for everyone, but very important for me.I was working and traveling at the same time, so laptop was compulsory. I put the laptop in a separate backpack along with the documents above.


  • Clothes: This depends on how long your travel is gonna be,  your gender, and your hygiene  I traveled for 2 months as a male, and was not the kind of fancy traveler, so I brought one windy coat (because Feb was still spring so sometimes it got cold while sleeping on train. In sleeper coaches, there were no blankets, thus you could use the coat as a blanket as well.), a scarf, 3 pairs of short summer clothes, 2 pair of trousers, a long-sleeved shirt, 4 pieces of underwear, 1 pair of slippers, 1 pair of sneakers, and sockets. If you are going to the beach or to the mountains, consider to bring suitable clothes. Remember you can always buy new clothes in the country
  • Hygiene stuffs: Toothbrush, a small tube of toothpaste, towel and soap (not compulsory), … you can always buy this in the country as well.
  • Smartphone and accessories: I put all the bookings in my phone, along with offline maps and for Internet connection. After I landed in India, I went for a Sim Card with data connection immediately. You must also know how essential a smart phone is. If you can’t live without it in daily life, then you won’t while traveling. Besides, to save yourself from boring commute, bring a headphone or earphone to listen to music. A spare power bank  is recommended.
  • Medicine: My savour when I got some colds, headache and … stomach-ache. Indian food was spicy in general, If you are not used to eat spicy stuff, then prepare a lot of indigestion tablets.
  • Adapter: In the first week of my traveling, I had to struggle a lot because I forgot about this. I came to the country just to know that my plugs was not compatible. I had to buy an adapter after 1 week of struggling with charging my phone through my laptop.

Should bring along

  • Mosquito repellant / bug spray: I left this at home, then realized how stupid I was. There were crazy lots of mosquitoes in India. You might not be able to sit/stand still while waiting for your bus/train, and even to sleep in hostel rooms.
  • Sun-cream: The sun in India is very harsh.
  • Travel insurance: Some people will argue with me about this. Yes it is important, you are recommended to buy one. The reason I don’t put this in the important list above, is because I didn’t have one since I didn’t really need it. India was really nice to me, and I was always in my guard mode  (and I trust my luck …)
  • Key and locks: It’s better to secure your backpacks, especially if you plan to stay in dorms

My backpacks for India. The left small one for my laptops, documents, that I usually need to use on the road. The right one for clothes, medicines, gifts and other stuffs.

Can bring along

  • An empty bottle of water (or buy one in India): It was so hot in India in the summer, so if you want to save a little of money, take advantage of free water in hostels/hotels.
  • Accessories (Hat/Sunglasses/Face mask): Reckon you don’t want people to know that you are staring at them, wear sunglasses. Hat will help your face from the hot sun above.
  • Professional camera and selfie stick: You can take your DSLR for better pictures, and selfie stick for your selfie needs 
  •  Snack for long-commute

Not necessary to you, but to me

  • Small gifts: I relied on Couchsurfing a lot for free accommodations, so I brought some gifts along, to show my thanks to my hosts.

Not necessary to me, but to you

  • Everyone has their special needs, so consider yours while packing your stuffs 

India is a very nice country. You will either love it or hate it (in my case, I love it). There’ll be no neutral feeling. So if India is your next getaway destination, don’t take the media or what it broadcasts about the country seriously. Media only shows the bad side of the story. India has so much more to offer to visitors, therefore, good luck with your trip!

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