Kannur to Hamirpur

It was time to bring Athul’s new RE Himalayan to Kerala. I left for Himachal in Kerala Samparkranti train from Kannur. Athul was kind enough to book me a sleeper class ticket. We have been planning this ride from Himachal to Kerala, covering over 3000kms.

As usual i boarded the train and started reading a book, scrolling through instagram every now and then. I planned to write a few of my travels on my blog, but was unable to.

Suddenly I felt so lonely and moody, and went to the door side and enjoyed the wind. I had this black cap covering my long hair. With my moustache and beard people, thought I was Punjabi. A guy came to me and started to speak in Hindi. I revealed to him that I am Keralite. It was the beginning. He is Libesh from Calicut traveling to Chandigarh with his friend Prince for some Visa procedures to work abroad.

We just started to talk and they were surprised to hear that I am taking a bike back to Kerala. The other guy Prince is really into traveling and he been following most of the celebrity Mallu travels closely. Now that he started to share his knowledge about places and travel related things, i was really surprised. He acquired all this knowledge from reading different articles of other travelers.

We passed Gujrat when we started the conversation and it wqs like a never ending discussion till Chandigarh, almost a day and a half. They were so curious to hear my travel stories.

The train reached Delhi and the compartment was all empty as most of the commuters were till New Delhi. Dennis my friend from Manipur who is studying in Delhi gave me a visit. He brought me food and sunflower seeds to eat. I should mention the fried Beef that he brought. It was so tasty.

As we came closer to the destination, we exchanged contacts and they invited me on my return to stay for a night, with them in Chandigarh.

Without wasting much time, i took an Uber to the bus station as soon as the train reached Chandigarh. Prince and Libesh had a booking in a nearby hotel. I directed them to the hotel before leaving.

I reached the bus station by 4:45pm and the next bus to Hamirpur, in Himachal was at 5:45, i waited patiently sipping tea.

I slept on the bus, and reached Hamirpur around 1:00am, Athul came to pick me up. It was freezing cold. He made me hot tea and briefed about the travel plans. We will be leaving for hjs college in the morning. It was time to take some rest. I slept dreaming about the long ride i was about to start.