Smuggling the puppies

Himachal To Kerala : Day 1

We woke up late, it was almost 9:30am, and freezing cold. In 30 minutes we packed our stuffs and checked the bike, fixed the saddle bags and was ready to go. We been thinking of taking Himalayan puppies to kerala and there were a few outside his college compound. They were stray dogs native to Himachal. So we decided to adopt 2 of them, one for each.

We went near the pack with some biscuits and managed to catch a black puppy. But then the pack was frightened and refused to come near us. After some time I chased down another puppy with white spots and put them inside our bag. We hopped on to the bike and rode off the very next moment.

Now we have 2 puppies in our bag and I was in deep thoughts about how to look after them throughout the journey. It will take atleast 10 days to cover 3000kms with adequate stops.

We pulled over after 3 hours near a small tea stall run by an elderly guy, maybe 60 years old. He was very friendly and was very curious to hear about the ride. We fed our breakfast, the biscuits to the puppies and had some tea. He offered us few beedis to smoke for free.

The friends I met on train was in Chandigarh and we planned to meet them there. But we were already late and had to reach Delhi before 10pm. My friend Dennis who is studying in Delhi University had arranged us accomodation there. So we didn’t stop in Chandigarh and went straight to Delhi.

It took as some time to reach the Delhi University Campus through the traffic at night. Dennis was waiting for us outside his hostel. We parked our bike inside his hostel compound and went to his room.

I was tired and took a shower. He arranged our stay at his friend’s place close to the campus. So we walked to the flat. His friend Boris was very welcoming and excited to meet us. We left the puppies in his balcony and rested inside the room.

Dennis prepared us Manipuri fish and chicken curry. We were stoned, already tired from the ride and after the dinner we went to bed. But the puppies were making noise, they need more chicken, i guess. So i gave them few more chicken pieces and left them in the balcony.

It was cold and i was thoughtful, i slowly went asleep with a dizzy head.

The next morning i woke up to the puppies playing around. They been playing, making noise and running in the balcony. Dennis was busy in the kitchen preparing us tea and breakfast. He gave us a huge cup of tea and also bought us tooth brushes as we left our bags in his hostel room.

We had our breakfast, took the puppies and returned to hostel. Boris greeted us and we are thankful for hosting us in Delhi. Its almost a month and the taste of that Manipuri fish curry Dennis made is still in my tongue.

We met Amit, who shares room with Dennis. He was outside when we came last night, and was excited about the puppies. We didn’t stay for long, took the bags and left immediately, our next destination being Jaipur.