Walks & Thoughts : Calicut

Certain walks have a strange capability to transform your thoughts and would make you realise a lot more of yourself than you’ve ever known in your lifetime. Walking through the heart of Kozhikode city today and wondering of the celebration of life which surrounded me in vibrant colors and buzzing sounds, I couldn’t help but stare at an electronics shop which threw affirming lights upon the street in front of it. There was a High-Definition television set exhibited for sale which gave out pictures of a malnourished Rajasthani boy adorned in bright red clothing. It was perhaps the most powerful expression of the clarity and colors offered by the television set, yet the image unsettled me in numerous ways. The idea of viewing the world through a television screen with more clarity than your eyes displeased the already unsettled mind. I searched for reasons why such a blind refusal of a technological marvel ever occurred inside me and I discovered that the average human mind is more inclined to adore imperfections. I was finding out that we love unclear images and we love to transform them into meaningful expressions through the work of our imagination. Eventually I would walk on through the pavement and think about cricket matches we used to watch on blurry TV screens with joy and passion. Perhaps it was only nostalgia that brought about this sudden rebuttal. Yet as I realised what television brands strive to bring to the consumer – ‘a real life experience in your living room’ – I found the source of my turmoil. I thought of the Rajasthani boy; the bewildered eyes with which he watched the camera, his fears and his sober days filled with hunger. There was a strange understanding which overwhelmed me beyond measure as I walked past the store, an understanding brought about by finding an imperfection in the most perfect of technology. I walked into new lights and new thoughts with a part of me searching for new discoveries and a part of me thinking about imperfections!

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