We reached Amsterdam by 6:30 in the morning. It was freezing cold. Since the metro starts from 8am in a Sunday morning, we took a ticket to Amsterdam Oost where our stay was booked.

The stay:

We stayed in Meininger Hotel. The best part about this hotel was that it was next to the metro station. The hotel was basically a hostel too. We got the maps and guidance from the hotel reception.

Got myself a metro pass which is valid for 48Hrs. The pass was valid for the trams as well.

After having a breakfast from burger king, we took a tram to Amsterdam Centrum by 1:30pm.

We visited the Heineken Experience at Singelgracht, went through the history of the Heineken beers (from the year 1900), how the beer was made and the journey till it gets filled to the bottle/can. We got a chance to taste 3 different Heineken beers.
Our next stop was the Rijksmuseum and the nearby street food shops. We had Grilled chicken wraps.
A walk around revealed the street was filled with weed shops, but we didn’t go deep inside the streets as we wanted to explore it the next day. We went back to the hotel and had few beers.

Next day in Amsterdam

We went direct to the centrum early in the morning, had breakfast from Italian restaurant. I ordered the British Kings breakfast, and it was great.

Next, we went shopping, explored the streets, the Dam square. We ended up taking a lot of pictures, and tons of beer from a Kings cross café-bar-club.
As night arrives, we went to the real attraction of Amsterdam the red light district.

It was flooded with Prostitutes standing in glass compartments, calling the customers passing. A friendly tip for anyone planning to give a visit: if the color of light inside the glass compartment is red, the prostitute is a female, blue for shemales. The place is filled with peep shows, strip clubs , weed clubs, Ecstasy dealers calling the customers from the dark shades. My friend took a try on the ‘Happy weed’.
Lots of Indians are doing business there selling weeds, souvenirs, etc.

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