Towards Jaipur

Himachal To Kerala : Day 2

We left Delhi around 10:30 in the morning. We were already late, but I was not worried because it was our first day of the ride, creating a schedule with 2 puppies with us. From today onwards we will be following the same schedule till home, probably for another 10 days. It takes time to make the schedule, so first day is fine.

It took us about an hour and a half to get out of Delhi city, the traffic and road constructions at few places delayed our plans. It was noon and we were famished. But we were worried how we were to get into a good hotel with 2 puppies in our bag. It was the scariest thing we had to face. Also, it’s improper to have food without feeding the puppies. They are family. When you are in some foreign land, away from home and out of your comfort zone, sometimes animals/pets becomes your extended family. It was all lonely and nothing really happened apart from covering more and more distance. The only thing I cared about was the puppies.

We have been searching for a local restaurant, a Punjabi Dhaba kind of restaurant which welcomes truck drivers, with enough space in the front to park trucks and seats outside to sit and have food. Such a restaurant would be ideal to let the puppies out and we could actually sit outside, with the puppies while having food. Many restaurants passed by, but all were luxurious where we won’t be able to get in with the puppies. Finally we were able to find a restaurant after 148 kilometres. We stopped at Molhawas in Haryana for lunch, it was already 2:30pm.

Our puppies were also tired, we let them out outside the restaurant, we had some aloo parata and chicken curry of which we fed half to the puppies. The curry was very spicy, but the puppies managed to eat it. We also ordered some milk for them.

We took rest for about an hour and then left the place only to stop at Gunawata in Rajasthan. The puppies had their tummy full and were making noises. I didn’t realise it until the very last moment when one of the puppies peed in my lap, wetting both the bag and my pants. I was angry the very moment but then I also felt stupid not to understand their language. We let them out on the road side for few minutes and then continued our journey, determined to give more attention to their noises.

Covering 240 kilometres, we reached Jaipur around 7pm. It was already dark. We booked a room through OYO app, the hotel was near to the Hero Motorcycle Manufacturing facility, Jaipur.

While checking we were confused if we should tell the hotel that we were carrying puppies with us or not. I checked other hotels nearby, and rooms were available for the same price, so that if the hotel refuse to provide us rooms, we can go try somewhere else. We both were determined not to leave the puppies outside in the cold during night. And the puppies will stay close to us, where ever we stay.

Fortunately the receptionist at the hotel was a young lady who was surprised to see the puppies hidden in our bag. We made a deal with her to pay an extra 100 rupees for the puppies with a condition that they won’t make any noise at night disturbing others nearby. We were given the room in thebasement where it’s not crowded.

The puppies started making noise as soon as the bike stopped. We somehow managed to leave them in our washroom before they tore the bag. Everything was set. We got freshen up, changed and went out to have dinner. I brought some biscuits for the puppies.

We could hear the puppies making noise as we came near to our room, we opened the door to see them playing around with poops here and there on the floor. We both were shocked. The room was covered with foul smell. We cleaned the shit quick, and moved the puppies in the toilet again. Kept the room door open for some time and sprayed some perfume.

We were tired for the long ride and heavy dinner was making it worse, without much discussion, we hit the bed. Athul slept fast. I was still worried about how to deal with the puppies from next day onwards.