The Long Night Ride

Himachal to Kerala : Day 5

We passed Surat in the evening and crossed the Gujarat – Maharashtra border Talasari at midnight. I used to work here in Sanjan close to Vapi and Talasari, it brought me memories from those days. As we were passing by during the night, I couldn’t visit the factory, else could have visited and met my co-workers.

Had late dinner from Thane at a road side Dhaba. The puppies were fast asleep. Fed their tummy full, few hours ago when we stopped. We didn’t care to wake them up, without making much noise sat inside the restaurant and had food. The bag with puppies were kept on the bike itself. It was freezing cold outside. Soon left the place after a cup of hot coffee and smoke.

Took the Mumbai – Pune express Highway. On the way stopped in the ghat section to take few photos. As there was insufficient light, couldn’t take much photos. I stood there on the top and enjoyed the view for some time.

Pit stop, somewhere on the Highway

Stopped in Lonavala for a cup of hot coffee and some chocolates. There were many other riders from Mumbai I guess, in Lonavala, it being a hill station and a getaway place close to Mumbai. The climate in Lonavala at night is super awesome, the roads all foggy and cold.

Our next destination is Pune and Athul’s friend Subeesh is our host. Subeesh was Athul’s senior at NIT, now working in Pune. He sent us the location and we reached his flat in Hinjewadi. He had already told the security guard to let us in and was awake the whole night, expecting us. It was a long night ride and 650kms to cover from Nadiad to Pune.

We expected to reach Pune before midnight. The day was hot and we had to take a lot of pit stops. The night was too cold and we had to do the same. Also, the traffic was terrible in Thane region and took us a lot of time to get into the Express Highway. A lot of goods trucks waiting at the toll gates, the smoke, the dust and the blocks made our journey miserable.

Subeesh holding them

We were exhausted and 650kms is much more than what we could do in a single stretch. We had one goal in our mind to reach the comfortable stay at our host Subeesh’s flat. Reached at 7 in the morning. He came to receive us in the parking. Undid all the bags and carried it to his flat. As soon as we entered, let our puppies out in the balcony, had some tea and hit the bed.