Himachal to Kerala : Day 6

We woke up in the afternoon and decided to visit few places around. We visited old Pune City and Shaniwar wada fort, went to a mall had some food and returned. I have been to Pune before and shall describe that experience now as we did literally nothing here this time. It was just a day to rest before we continue our ride.

Delhi Gate, Closed Shaniwar Wada

On my first visit to Pune, I went without any preparations. Wanted to try some cool monsoon treks around the city. I been watching stories and posts of monsoon treks in Pune and Lonavala area from my friends on Instagram. It looked promising, and worth trying. So i decided to travel to Pune.

My friend Prithvi was doing an internship in Pune, so I went to his place. He was with his friends and was kind enough to give me some space to stay. I already published two of his travel experiences in this website, Amsterdam and Belgium. The next day we decided to visit Lohagad Fort.

Lohagad Fort

This is said to be one of the easiest trek in the area. So i decided to hike up the Lohagad fort on a fine Sunday morning.

Walking up the hill, through muddy and slippery trail was really fun. It was sunday and there were many tourists. The funny thing was people falling every now and then on the trail. Even I fell once. It was fun falling on your back into the mud, getting up without giving a damn about it and continuing the trail.

I placed my bare foot in the freezing cold water for some time.

At times the fort was completely covered in fog. As the wind blew the fog was moved and clear sky appeared. It was a wonderful feeling to sit there and just watch.

We returned to Pune City that evening and the next day, we went to old city. It was the movie Bajirao Mastani, which made me aware of the Peshwas and the Maratha Kingdoms. The Shaniwar Wada and Mastani Mahal in the movie shows the technological advancements, the visions of the Peshwas and the rulers of that time.

Shinde Chatri

Very little can be imagined about the luxury and the aesthetics of the Shaniwar wada from what is left of it now. But the stories of a luxurious palace inside this fortified walls are well described.

So, when i visited Pune city, the only familiar site was that of Shaniwar Wada, which I have seen in the movie.

Shinde Chatri

The first day itself, I tried to go there but it was 5:45pm and the fort was about to close. I took a photo on my phone from outside the fort, and left the site that day, only to return the next day and get inside it. But there was nothing of importance inside this wall. Just some foundations of a palace and few water fountains remain.

Still the Delhi gate which faces towards Delhi, the then seat of Mughal Kingdom, opponent of Maratha Kingdom remains as a symbol of pride.

It was a short visit. I stayed for only 4 days. I was about to leave Pune city and my train was in the evening. I had a whole afternoon before I leave. So I searched for a place to visit before I leave. Even though Pune got a rich history, I couldn’t find any old palace or fort to click some pics.

Shinde Chatri was close to the railway station, takes around 20 minutes on cab. So I decided to go and visit this place.

The design and carvings are top notch, with the pyramid like gopura at the back and a rectangular block like structure in the front, it is an interesting building. It was cool inside the temple, and there was no other visitors, so I sat on the floor and took a nap. Rested there for almost 4 hours, sleeping and staring at the works. Took few photos, book a cab to the station and left Pune.

Next day we are riding to Belagavi and the story will continue. We hope to reach home in another 2 days.