Taking the Himalayan

One fine day I got a call from Athul, informing that he is about to buy a motorcycle. The bike he is going for is a RE Himalayan, 419cc adventure bike which is in sales for the last couple of years. As he is studying in Himachal, he is planning to buy an used bike which will be only a year or so old.

He sent me few links from OLX, few good ones are from Delhi area and Haryana. He talked to the owners and visited few bikes which were in Himachal itself. He wanted me to come to Delhi and check the bikes for him.

As it was an urgent call, I left for Delhi the very next day. We met in Delhi and by then he had talked to all the owners and checked few bikes, we went to Bhiwani in Haryana, 3 hours from Delhi to check a bike there.
The bike there was different from other bikes he checked. This Himalayan is owned by the showroom, and was given for test rides and RE club rides. It has covered less than 10,000 kilometres in 1 year and was in very good condition.

All timely services and maintenance were done and the showroom owner ensured further assistance if anything goes wrong with the bike. We went for a quick ride, 2 kilometres from the showroom. We were satisfied with the bike. Without much discussion we made the deal.

In less than 3 hours we bought the bike, paid the cash made the legal agreement and left the place. The first ride was to Himachal. His hostel is about 450 kilometres away from the place we bought the bike.

We left Bhiwani around 4 in the evening towards NIT Hamirpur. A long journey awaited us, and probably a long journey for the bike in months. It was kept idle in the showroom for months looking for a buyer. We took intervals after every 100 kilometres, had tea and snacks. Tested the bike in every possible riding conditions. It was overall satisfying and we both were happy. As an adventure bike we didn’t get a rough terrain to test that capabilities.
We reached NIT Hamirpur around midnight. His friends were eagerly waiting for the bike and everyone came out to see it. He threw a small party to celebrate it. We both were exhausted from the ride, but celebrated and enjoyed the party, and slept in the morning after the party.
Next morning we started to plan for a long ride to cover atleast 1000 kilometres to check the bike. We were planning to go to Leh Ladakh a month back and as the road was closed, we settled with Tosh. Now the roads are open and we could go. We checked with friends and on the internet, the road to Leh Ladakh is much better than the road to Spiti Valley, as we always look for more adrenaline rush, we choose to visit Spiti Valley.
We had to obtain the permit for bike to cross Rohtang Pass, it’s available online for just 50 rupees from the HP government website. We applied for it and Athul had some work to finish in College. So I stayed at his hostel for 3 more days, and in the mean time we visited some nearby places and took the bike for a checkup at the nearest garage.

Our plan is to visit Spiti Valley via Manali and come back in the same route which is the shortest route to Spiti. There is another long route to Spiti Valley via Shimla, it is a better route and is accessible throughout the year. The road from Manali through Rohtang Pass is closed during the winter due to heavy snow fall.
We prepared ourselves for the long ride, it may take 7 to 8 days. I was so excited to travel through the snow desserts of Lahaul Spiti and reach Kaza. And this time it was totally an unplanned journey. When I left Kerala and reached Delhi, I was not at all sure about Athul buying the bike, I thought we will just check the bike and won’t make a deal, if the deal is not made, we will go visit some new places in Himachal.

Unexpected things happen and everything happens for a reason. One decision lead to another and I am always optimistic about the uncertain.

Chalo Spiti.