Hill View Points in Kannur

Kannur, a small costal city in the southern Indian state of Kerala is also nearby some of the best hill viewpoints in the state. This ancient trading city and port of Malabar lost its importance long back even before the Indian independence by systematically destroying its roots in spice trade and handloom which the place was famous for, by the British.

Being a costal city with the longest coastline in Kerala, Kannur is famous for some beautiful beaches along the Arabian Sea. India’s longest drive-in beach Muzhappilangad, and the long beach of Payyambalam, Dharmadom beach etc. are to name a few. Along with the vast costal line in the West, western Ghats boarders the East, so there are quite a few hill view points in Kannur, which are not well explored. The roads to these hill points are usually not maintained and in some places there are hardly any roads, which makes it inaccessible for the average tourists.

Panorama from Thirunettikallu

People who are a bit adventurous and are ready to walk some steep roads to experience a breathtaking view and set foot in some unexplored places will find these spots interesting. Better roads connecting these places with the city are to be constructed soon, these places may lose its natural beauty with the increased number of tourists in few years. Few of these places already lost its vibe recently due to increased number of tourists which the place can handle.

So here are few places which I find worth visiting, when you are in Kannur. I will describe the place in a nutshell, along with the connectivity details. I am not going to describe the natural beauty of these places to attract a large crowd, since I believe that the beauty of any place is to be experienced yourself .

1. Kalanki

It is one of the most beautiful hill view points in Kannur and the most difficult to get to. There are no proper roads to reach the view point and you might have to either walk few kilometres or come with an offroad vehicle. Although if you are good enough in riding bikes, you can reach the place with some difficulty.

It is situated in the Kerala Karnataka border around 20 kms from the town of Iritty. There are two view points here one towards the more beautiful Karnataka reserve forest, Brahmagiri wildlife sanctuary and Coorg, and the other towards Kerala. There is a small waterfall also nearby which is active only in the rainy season. Melothumkunnu Sree Durga Devi Temple is close to the view points and the proper road ends at the temple. Small tea stall sells essential items and you can have some hot tea/coffee along with some local made snacks.

Early mornings and evenings are the best time to visit the place. The place gets moody during the monsoon when it rains and if possible visit during a rainy day. Although it will be difficult to get there on a rainy day, the experience will be worth the effort.

The proximity to forest makes this place prone to wild animals, elephants and boars being the usual visitors. So if you are planning to stay overnight, it’s better to ask the locals before you do such things.

How to get there :

The nearest town is Iritty. Travel 13kms from Iritty via Iritty-Ulickal road to Mattara and then reach Kalanki Melothumkunnu Temple another 6 kms uphill. From there the view points are at walkable distance. The localities are very friendly and ready to assist you with your needs. There are no tickets or entry fee to these points as of now.

The airport is around 40 kms away and Kannur town is 62 kms away.

2. Palukachipara

Palukachipara or better known as Shivapuram view point is a hill view point in the small town on Shivapuram near Mattannur where the new Kannur International Airport is situated. There is a not so bad tarred road till the view point. One can reach the place without much difficulty both in a car or bike. One have to walk around 200 meters from where you park the vehicle to reach on top of the rock, from where you can view almost the whole of Kannur district from the coastline to the Karnataka border.

The Kannur International Airport is nearby and one can easily watch the flights landing and taking off. The airport sits literally on the next adjacent hill. The best time to visit are during sunrise or sunset. The view during sunrise in the morning being more colourful with the foggy mountains around and chilling cold winds.

How to get there :

The easiest route to this place is to reach Shivapuram from 21st mile on the Thalassery-Coorg highway. From Shivapuram it’s hardly 3 kms uphill to reach the viewpoint in vehicle. Although there are several other trekking or hiking routes uphill it’s better to take the motorable road to reduce the risks.

The airport is 12 kms away. Iritty is 20 kms away and Kannur town is 35 kms away.

There is no ticket or entry pass to reach this place. With no people living nearby, it’s better to visit during daytime.

3. Thirunettikallu

Another less explored hill view point in Kannur. This place is close to Alakode and Thaliparambe. The hill top is converted into a Christian shrine kind of thing, which they do in southern part of Kerala, where almost all high points are marked with a holy cross and a small shrine.

Anyway the place is accessible for all people and the view is mesmerising. The road is a bit difficult and small cars won’t be able to take you till the last point. Although bikes can get you there with some difficulties. Proper roads where there part of which were washed away during last monsoon. Hopefully the road will be restored soon and all kind of vehicles will be able to reach the place. With the present conditions, one have to walk around 1 km after parking the vehicle.

The hill top is having a monolithic stone on which one can climb through a ladder. One can get a wonderful 360 degree view all around standing on top of the rock.

The best time to visit is during sunrise and sunset. There is a private resort nearby and tent stays available.

How to get there :

Kannur town is located 60 kms away. To reach the place one have to travel via Kannur – Thaliparambe – Alakode – Udayagiri – Josegiri – Thirunettikallu. Josegiri is the nearest town. Kannur airport is also at 60 kms via Irikkur.

These is no entry ticket to this place.

4. Palakkayamthattu

A place which got famous recently and became one of the most visited tourist attractions in Kannur. It is the highest points in Kannur district and now a private party leased the hill top and you have to get entry tickets to view this place. The over flow of tourists to this place degraded the natural beauty. Also the unscientific constitutions at the site reduced this place into a normal tourist destination.

Still the place is worth visiting due to the view you will get from this hill top. The place is over crowded that it’s hard to even get a good photograph. If one is patient enough to wait for the right moment to capture the views, the place is worth visiting. Good and recently made roads give access to almost all kind of vehicles to this place. You can also book for an overpriced tent stay overnight if you want to experience the luxury of waking up to the sunrise.

Other attractions nearby are Ezharakundu waterfalls and Paithalmala view point trekking.

How to get there :

The place is around 50 kms from Kannur town, 40 kms from Iritty and 30 kms from Thaliparambe. From the airport it’s 40 kms via Irikkur. When travelling from Kannur or Thaliparambe, reach the place called Naduvil and travel towards Mandalam to reach Palakkayamthattu.