Days of Incredible Discomfort

Lessons learnt from climbing Everest Base Camp


This is Ram from Jaffna, Srilanka, a small beautiful island in Indian Ocean. Like any other traveler who been to the Himalayas, i was summoned by the mountains yet again this year. Last year I backpacked through the same Himalayas, in India, experiencing my first snow fall and visiting places like Manli, Dharamshala, Shimla etc.

I packed and left Colombo on 25th of March and flew towards the Himalayas. So this time I planned something big, to do the Everest Base Camp (EBC) trek, and Yes, I did it…!  15 Days , 13 Villages , 130 Km Trek , 5364 meters altitude change and experienced 10 to -25 degree Celsius temperature difference with lots of worst days, good days, had an amazing experience and learnt a lot of new things in my life.


As conventional blogs I am not going to write my trek history here, you can find many in google, almost all are same because we all have same route and same things to do. But Experience, lessons are different so here I am scripting some of the interesting lessons I learned on the trail….

Let’s focus on the initial steps to be followed for the preparation of this long journey.


  • Need to prepare yourself

Initially before even planning or booking anything else we need to prepare both physically and mentally for Everest Base Camp Trek or any other treks. All Physical preparations include building up stamina by exercising some months in advance. Better to go some small treks in your area to practice the rhythm of hiking. If your time is limited, you can do it in your gym also. Another important thing is will power. Your age doesn’t matter as long as you have strengthened your will power. Even though you are younger and with good stamina, your will power is the one which helps you to resist the pain in the trail more than your strong muscles. Build the Faith “that you can make it”.


  • Trek at the pace that suits you

If you are from a tropical country like me sure Himalayan mountains are a harsh environment and you will surely feel altitude change and extremely cold weather. So what you are going to do? Are you going to fly again to your comfortable place?? You can try one thing trekking at the speed you feel much comfortable. So now you are in a comfortable zone.

It’s not a marathon no one is going to gift you if you finish soon. I recommend you to trek slow then your body can adapt to cold easily and also will acclimatize easily. Also, you can reach the next village that you have targeted. If you plan to rush and finish as soon as possible then all you can reach up to a certain point and not to your target. So trek at your own pace. Slow and steady and make 100% sure that you are prepared to reach your target.


  • Don’t forget to keep your smile… Always smile

Everest Base Camp trek is one of the most touristic treks in the world. If you were there in the season time surely you can meet lots of people from different parts of the world. Also, you can meet lots of new friends from different countries in your Treehouses. While trekking never forgets to smile and say Hello to the trekkers who are coming with you and who is coming in the opposite direction. You can talk and share your experiences while trekking together with them.

At the end of the trek, you will understand that you can easily make friends with anyone. While trekking, there will be lots of other mates who are trekking with you. Some of them will be your trek buddies until the end of the trek while you may depart some as your trek plans are different but you can catch them later on social media. I have met lots of friends during this journey, especially I met two guys from Brazil and a family from Germany who continued with me until the last day of the trek. Apart from tourists, you can also meet lots of native people and experience their local lifestyle and get to know much about the mount Everest. Among them, I met a local Sherpa who summited Everest four times. So I was able to hear lots of his summiting experience.


  • Curiosity Will Take You to the Top

Nothing will take you to the top more than your curiosity. My Early Adventures to the Himalayas begins with the curiosity of how these Himalayan mountains look like?? How will I feel, if I will be there in the Everest Base Camp, the curiosity to feel the experience of severe Himalayan cold and Tibetan culture and lifestyle? I am sure these things have encouraged me to trek the whole 15 days to stand in the Everest Base Camp as one of my life goals and life achievement. Curiosity keeps leading us down towards new paths.

  • Altitude doesn’t matter Attitude matters

Only the limits on your trek are those that you set for yourself.  Most of your limits are psychological. If you limit you can only reach until this level, further you couldn’t go means you have limited yourself. I think the Whole EBC trail is suitable and easy if you are normally fit enough. After seeing some difficult ups and downs in the initial days and if you change your attitude as trekking is difficult and it is not your cup of tea, you can’t ever reach your target. Also, you can change the quote like this too “Only the limits on your life are those that you set yourself.” Everything is about your attitude. You don’t need brand shoes or you don’t need brand jackets or branded gears or you don’t even need trekking poles everything is in your mind. Believe your body can do it. Your muscles can bear the pain, you can stand steady in that severe cold.  Your body and mind can adapt to everything and can heal everything naturally.

  • Choose your best travel buddies/trek groups

If you are trekking with some trekking group, choose some best buddies to hike the whole trail with you. If you prefer to go with someone, always go with someone with much curiosity to explore the Himalayan Mountains and also who is much interested in trekking in harsh environments and enjoy the moments with nature. If you can enjoy trek solo do it, it’s an amazing experience and you can learn a lot and make lots of new friends. Don’t be afraid to do it alone. Even though you travel some best places in the world your travel buddies or the groups with whom you are travelling decides your beautiful day.



  • Enjoy the views on the way and don’t forget to make some memories.

Always don’t forget to make memories. Take some photos and selfies and also take some selfie videos talking about where you are, what are you doing and how you feel at that moment. Also, collect the videos in casual moments like eating resting and don’t miss to capture some funny moments. Videos are the best souvenirs you can bring back to your home it will tell you thousands of stories after some years while you are watching it again. It will surely make you to recall the moments again. Cherish your memories.


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