A jovial lad on a never ending journey around the globe. I come from the south western cost of India better know as Malabar. Traveling is something i love, be it a short trip or a long one, i enjoy visiting places. I been traveling for quite a long time. The thought of writing my experiences and sharing it with my friends came to my mind lately. I am recalling my memories on road and writing it down, also i am trying my best to write on the go.

I opted for after my high school. Started with small trips in and around Kerala during my university days. After my graduation, I did a long circuit journey, starting from south of India to the west first, to the North, then to the East, exploring the North-East India for a month and finally returning home. It was time for me to start working and earn a living.

I worked in Mumbai only to realize that a 9 to 5 job is not my kind of thing. So, left my job to hit the roads, traveled as far as I could and ended up with an empty wallet. I wanted to travel more but there was no money left. Now experimenting on traveling without money.

Visit this website and be a part of my journey.